Staff List


Matthew Rea

Hey! My name is Matthew Rea and I’m a rising senior at Rancho Cucamonga High School. I’m the president of my school’s anime club and I’m an officer at a neighboring school’s Asian Student Union. My hobbies include playing video games, going to the gym, and video editing.

Recruitment Executive

Lionel Verano

My name is Lionel V. I am an 18 year old rising senior in DAHS. I’m also the president of the DAHS Anime club and a former Boys Stater for 2021. I love to play Genshin Impact and watch anime on my free time. My favorite animes so far have to be Naruto, Re:Zero, and Clannad. I can play a couple of songs on my Ukulele but I cannot sing. My club currently is doing a podcast and is working in this newsletter. Feel free to reach out if you want to collab. @Lionel#3092

Head Artist

Emma Wen

Hi! I’m Emma also known as Lily Winterbole. I am a rising senior from Amador Valley High School (AVHS) and am the Club President of the Anime and Manga Club at our school. It goes without saying that I like anime, but I also enjoy making art, playing tennis, gaming, and singing.

Layout Editor

Ivan Yu

My name is Ivan Yu, though I prefer to be called Charl. I’m a senior at San Gabriel Highschool and a Graphic Designer for their anime club, Anime Anonymous. I have way too many hobbies to list but the most notable of them would be guitar, break dancing, watching anime, and gaming whether it’d be Monster Hunter, Roblox, or D&D.


Derek Liu

Hi! I’m Derek Liu, and I’m a senior at Lynbrook High School. At high school, I enjoy participating in Surgery Interest Club and Astrophysics Club. I am also an officer of the school’s entrepreneurship club as well as robotics club. I’ve been watching anime for over a year now, but I’ve binged enough to pretty much know any show that might be mentioned to me.

Copy Editor


Hey, I’m guninvalid. I’m 18 and I’m an incoming freshman at Purdue University. I’m currently busy playing Cultist Simulator and spend time browsing Reddit.

Alan Yan

Hi, name’s Alan. I’m a 16 year old who goes to De Anza High School. My hobbies include playing video games such as Apex or Minecraft, or going out into the wilderness. I enjoy meeting new people so feel free to hit me up about anything. My Discord is ” Lana =3=#0070 “.

Community Artist

Zora Rodriguez

The names Zora Rodriguez! I mostly do traditional and digital art, but from time to time I dabble in 3D builds and writing. I am now 17 and about to be a senior as well. I absolutely adore Houseki no Kuni, Fire Emblem, DND and Final Fantasy games.

Casey Villalon

My name’s Casey and I’m 16; I go to Rancho Cucamonga High School My hobbies include drawing and playing Valorant. My fave anime/mangas are Chainsaw Man and Demon Slayer.

Staff Writer

William Barrios

Yo my name is William and I go to De Anza. I’m 16 and my hobbies include video editing, listening to music while on my bike and watching anime.

Brandon Bui

Hello my name is Brandon and I go to San Gabriel High School. I’m 15 and I like to watch anime and play FPS games.

Kevin Zhu

Hi! I’m Kevin Zhu, a junior who goes to Amador Valley High School. My passions include writing, and of course, anime, as well as guitar, music, basketball, and nature. The VP of the Anime Club here, I believe that life is a pen running out of ink but at least leaves the beautiful writing of love and kindness behind it.